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Alexandra and Yannick from OD formalize their relationship in the best way

Alexandra and Yannick from OD formalize their relationship in the best way

Alexandra Lapierre and Yannick Martell DDouble occupancy in the West They experienced a lot of closeness when they left the adventure and it’s now official, and they’re a couple! The news was shared on the social networks of the lovebirds.

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Yannick wrote a letter to Alexandra on Instagram:

“You’ve always been the best for me since day one. Now that you’re in my life and you’re really lucky…. oops, I have to admit, I’m lucky at the end of the line. You’ve obviously been a Top 1 since the beginning of the adventure and everyone knows that. I hope That this new adventure will be longer than the first in the West. In the end I thank od_officiel. An adventure that is impossible to explain, having undergone incredible encounters. But you are just wonderful”

Lagent Double DOD in the West He spent some time in Montreal for promotion and end-of-season registrations. Among other things at public outings, Alexandra and Yannick were seen together.

We then learned that Yannick was flying to British Columbia to spend time with Alexandra.

The young woman wrote, “I will leave all your questions in these reels. 💜Getting reeeels!” to answer the questions of her subscribers.

Fans of the show are happy to see the pair are doing well, after a fairly brief appearance by Yannick in the homes and a pitfall-filled journey for Alexandra during the show.

At the moment, the relationship is done remotely, and fortunately there is technology!

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The new couple lives.

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