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Alex Galchenyuk signs a (trial) contract with Coyotes

Alex Galchenyuk signs a (trial) contract with Coyotes

Alex Galchenyuk finally found a job. The previous third overall pick signed a Test contract with the Arizona Coyotes, the team he left the Canadians for.

So he will be present at the team’s training camp, but he can’t be sure of getting a job there.

It was Pierre Lebrun, a freshman from his vacation, who broke the news first.

The Coyotes were cleaned up over the holiday period, so there were plenty of chairs to fill the chessboard for coach André Tourigny, who keeps his men tight. Is this what the previous 3rd year selection needs?

So this puts an end to the rumors that sent Chucky to Montreal to give depth to the team’s organizational chart…for now, anyway.

After all, you know as I do, he can be released, traded (if he has to sign), put into a waiver (again if signed), etc. So that doesn’t mean we won’t see Galchenyuk anymore in Montreal. But I can’t believe it when he comes back to Quebec.

It is also not known if the Canadian actually put an offer on his desk the father agents. And if so, was it a valid contract or a PTO?

Remember that since leaving Montreal, when he was replaced by Max Domy’s services, he’s gone to Arizona, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Ottawa (approximately) the Carolinas, AHL and Toronto.

We have to give him this: Like a cat, he has nine lives and doesn’t give up easily. It would be easy going down the road to Europe, but it’s not.

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Is she noble or relentless?

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A golf tournament like no other.

– Obviously, Chucky should be added to that list.

– Meeting the governors.

A severe blow to Quebec.

– It would be something for them.