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Airmedic passes into the hands of Disercom: hunting season “as usual”

Airmedic passes into the hands of Disercom: hunting season “as usual”

The company specializing in medical assistance and air transportation, Airmedic, confirms that its clients will not feel the repercussions of the financial turmoil suffered by its previous owner. The hunting season, which is fast approaching, will be just like the previous seasons.

Airmedic had protected itself from its creditors during July, as part of the financial disaster of the Huot Group and its owner, Stefan Huot. It was sold to the ambulance company Dessercom, based in Lévis, in recent days.

“The most important thing about this transformation is that customers do not see any change,” says Jean-Patrick Laflamme, director of public and government relations. […] “It is an essential service for part of the population and nothing will change there.”

As every year, the company will provide emergency transportation by helicopter or plane and emergency medical assistance to members who travel too far for 911 assistance during the fall.

Too busy

The director of public and government relations confirms that the company has not slowed down its operations in recent months, but quite the opposite.

“We had a great summer. We did several emergency rescues during the Quebec wildfires.

No bleeding

Mr. Laflamme asserts that the instability at Airmedic has had little or no impact on employees who are “passionate about the company’s mission.”

He added: “We did not witness a wave of departures despite everything that happened.” We have a strong team of about 150 people who care about their work. It’s a very specialized environment, so it’s hard to find the same kind of jobs anywhere else.

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Jean-Patrick Laflamme says there is greater stability within the company than during the pandemic years, due to uncertainty about the airlines that were grounded at the time.

“When all the flights started again, there was already an aggressive attack by the big companies and we saw a lot of people movements. About a year or a year and a half ago, things stabilized for us.”

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