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After abandoning its order last year, Australia is due to pay 555 million euros to the French naval team

After abandoning its order last year, Australia is due to pay 555 million euros to the French naval team

A great test to resolve hatred. On Saturday (June 11) Australia announced a major compensation deal with French submarine maker Naval Group, which put an end to a controversy that had worsened relations between Canberra and Paris for nearly a year.

Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has agreed with the French company “Reasonable and Reasonable Solution” 555 million euros for violating the huge deal of 56 billion euros that caused the diplomatic crisis between Paris and Canberra last fall.

France, said by the Minister of Armed Forces “Notice” Of this agreement. “This agreement is important because it will allow us to open and look forward to a new page in our bilateral relationship with Australia.”Sebastien Legorn told reporters in Singapore.

Not long ago, the Navy team welcomed a deal in a short press release “Fair”, Using the term of the head of the Australian Government. However the French company did not confirm the amount of compensation.

In September 2021, then-Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison abruptly ended a ten-year French contract in preparation. The head of government announced that his country would buy US or British nuclear-powered submarines, a major change for a country with weaker nuclear capabilities.

Scott Morrison later angered French President Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of cheating and withdrawing his Australian ambassador in protest. Center-left Anthony Albanese Relations between the two countries remained icy until the May election. Since coming to power, he has hastened to restore ties with France, New Zealand and the Pacific island nations, which have criticized previous conservative governments in dealing with climate change.

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In all, their prime minister noted that the failure of the deal for French submarines would cost Australian taxpayers $ 2.4 billion, and they could not get any benefit. The first American or British submarine is unlikely to be in service for decades, leaving a vacuum for Australia, as its current fleet ages.