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Apple Store: The labor movement is spreading across the UK

Over the past few weeks, the Union wave has been blowing through the US Apple Stores, a powerful wave that has now reached the shores of the United Kingdom. The Glasgow Times reports that Apple Store employees in Glasgow have joined the GMB union. Employees justify this union movement as low pay, lack of pay transparency and unfair working hours.

One of the employees of the Apple Store (under anonymity) stated the reasons for the anger: “In the UK, Apple has forums for employees, but these are proving ineffective and the concept is being ignored. This is a one-way conversation. We need our own representatives and the right voice to change things. People are suffering from the cost of living crisis. We need pay rises, pay transparency and a voice.”.

According to the GMB union, Apple is blaming duplicity on social issues: “Apple speaks the language of social justice, but in practice it’s the same story of low pay, unfair work organization and disrespect. GMB adds that the Union drive is now expanding to other Apple stores in the UK, without further ado. Apple has not yet responded to this second front of union aspirations.

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