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A year working at the heart of the Human Food Division – 2022

A year working at the heart of the Human Food Division – 2022

The mission of the Department of Human Nutrition is to understand the relationship between food and human health, at the individual and population level, in order to better take into account issues of health and sustainability of food systems.

AlimH puts its scientific strategy on a continuum that combines basic research with targeted research. It is a matter of placing at the core of our work our knowledge of the scientific foundations of the relationships between nutrition, health, dietary behaviors and toxicology in order to be able to respond to the scientific, social and economic challenges of developing healthy and sustainable diets, based on the good interaction between food supply and consumption practices. Thus, the purpose of our research is to increase scientific knowledge at the forefront of science, to provide expertise and support for public policies, and to promote the transfer and innovation of our research to society.

In its strategic plan, AlimH has identified 5 major scientific goals. The first three main objectives aim to deepen knowledge in AlimH’s main scientific areas: the biology and physiology of the relationships between nutrition and health, diet and eating behaviors, and toxicology. The other two main goals are cross-cutting and take the position of addressing more global and more practical issues around healthy and sustainable diets and data science.

A compendium of the events of 2022
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