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A study revealed that more than 5 billion smartphones will be discontinued in 2022

A study revealed that more than 5 billion smartphones will be discontinued in 2022

This year, about 5.3 billion smartphones will be disposed of, recycled or left in a drawer by their owners worldwide, according to a new report from the International Forum on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

This forum raises the alarm about the environmental issues that these devices can raise when they reach the end of their useful life. If stacked, it would represent a column about 50,000 kilometers high, or just over one-eighth of the distance between Earth and the Moon.

This organization of 36 producers WEEE In 25 different countries, it indicates that the majority of people keep their old phones in their possession or throw them away rather than recycle them, according to a survey it conducted in six European countries in September. Thus, the minerals needed for them to function, such as copper and cobalt, cannot be reused for new devices and must instead be mined from the ground.

People tend not to realize that all these seemingly insignificant items are of great value and together represent huge amounts globallyPascal LeRoy, General Director of the International Forum on WEEEin a press release.

Also according to this organization, smartphones are among the smallest unused electronic products that owners often keep after headphones and other small accessories and home appliances, such as watches and computers, for example mice and keyboards.

International Forum about WEEE It is estimated that the world’s population collectively owns 16 billion smartphones, whether or not they are in use.