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A study on productivity at work: HR expert calls out nuances

A study on productivity at work: HR expert calls out nuances

A recent study claiming that our productivity decreases in the afternoon and increases our risk of errors has drawn attention. but, the HR expert, encourages us to interpret these results with caution.

According to Celine, our physiological rhythm plays an essential role in our efficiency at work. She points out that while the study may provide important insights, it is critical to consider it critically.

“These are findings that should be taken with a grain of salt,” she said.

She adds that measuring an employee’s worth based on their tendency to make mistakes is simple.

“We are not machines, and our added value goes beyond our performance,” she says.

Ultimately, while the study may raise relevant questions, it is essential not to lose sight of the complexity of human nature in the world of work. For a comprehensive assessment, it is crucial to consider the various factors that contribute to performance beyond simple measurement of errors.

“It’s a fact that our efficiency is not linear,” he explains .

NB. This text was written using artificial intelligence from the audio interview of .

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