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A startup company unveils its capsule for amazing and luxurious trips to the gates of space

A startup company unveils its capsule for amazing and luxurious trips to the gates of space

A tourist trip to the frontiers of space on board a capsule lifted by a hydrogen balloon is what Space Perspective intends to offer. It's not just a concept as the company has just revealed the pod it built.

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Taking tourists on a balloon ride to touch space is the ambition of the Florida (USA)-based company Space Perspective. It's not just a concept, as the startup has built a full-scale prototype of its capsule. Ultimately, it will be able to accommodate eight passengers and a pilot on six-hour flights at an altitude of about 30,500 metres. The height at which we penetrate the blackness of space and see the curvature of the Earth. Baptized Neptune spaceshipthe capsule will be suspended under a Space balloonA balloon the length of a football field filled with hydrogen. To reach this height, it will be necessary two hours.

The manufacturer reveals the first glimpse of the Neptune capsule. © Space Perspective

Luxurious and panoramic view from space

Passengers can then enjoy the view for another two hours before spending the same time landing. For the latter, the balloon slowly discharges hydrogen gas. For now, the capsule is experimental and will only contain measuring instruments for unmanned test flights initially. Manned tests could take place as early as 2024. At $125,000 per ticket, passengers will benefit from a luxurious interior with comfortable seating for a 360-degree panoramic view, a bar, and restrooms on the lower deck. To broadcast their experience live, Wi-Fi will be available on board. The capsule will take off and land on a ship at sea Voyager Space MarineIts construction will be nearing completion.

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