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A researcher closes the door of the Presidential Scientific Council

A researcher closes the door of the Presidential Scientific Council

Researcher Claire Mathieu, a member of the Presidential Scientific Council just appointed by Emmanuel Macron, resigned from this body due to her disagreement with the immigration law, which she describes as “extreme right,” according to her letter to the head of the center that was transmitted on Friday. .

If the extreme right had been in power instead of you, I would have refused to participate in this council. However, the anti-immigration law is a far-right, xenophobic, exclusionary and withdrawal law.” the world.

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On 7 December, the President of the Republic established a Presidential Scientific Council at the Elysee, responsible for informing him of future scientific challenges. This permanent body consists of about ten researchers, including Nobel laureate in physics Alain Aspect and in economics Jean Tirole, in addition to mathematician Hugo Dominil Cuban, winner of the Fields Medal.

“I was happy”

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to dialogue with you about current scientific topics,” wrote Claire Mathieu, director of research. CNRS At the Institute for Research in Basic Computer Science (Corporal). “I hoped I could help bring scientists and politicians together,” the scientist continues. “But I won’t be able to have that conversation while the anti-immigration law is being enacted,” she explains.

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She also commented: “The funny thing is, 15 days ago I received a lot of congratulatory messages for my appointment to the Presidential Scientific Council, and today I receive a lot of congratulatory messages for my resignation from the same council (including some from the same people).” On X (formerly Twitter).
Immigration law measures aimed at welcoming foreign students to France have sparked a wave of protests within higher education and research.

Research concerns

Thursday, in an article in Le Monde newspaper, the head of the National Center for Scientific Research, Antoine Petit, estimated that “denying ourselves the external contribution” of foreign students “would be a grave mistake that would ultimately damage France’s position as a major scientific nation.”

“Let's be vigilant because once the bad messages are sent, and France will have a disgusting image,” the head of the first educational organization warned. For these students, “correcting the situation will be long, difficult and very uncertain.” French general research.