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San Diego Zoo Safari Park announces Elephant Valley acreage, its largest transformational project in its 50-year history

San Diego Zoo Safari Park announces Elephant Valley acreage, its largest transformational project in its 50-year history

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A pioneer in wildlife conservation will allow visitors to get up close to elephants through a new immersive experience

San DiegoAnd August 10, 2023 /CNW/ – Construction is officially underway, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance announced, on the largest transformation project in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s 50-year history. The all-new Denny Sanford Elephant Valley space will reimagine the heart of a safari park, transforming the existing environment of elephants into a vibrant savannah and place to explore. With ElephantValley, visitors of all ages will be able to connect with elephants like never before, fostering empathy, understanding, and appreciation for these majestic creatures, and kindling a passion for wildlife in hearts.

We are excited to announce the creation of the Denny Sanford Elephant Valley space, which will feature a one-of-a-kind immersive experience for visitors. It will better connect the vital work being done here in SanDiego with the collaborative elephant conservation initiatives we support on the ground,” said Paul A. Baribault, president and CEO of the San Diego Wildlife Coalition. Elephant Valley could not have come to life without the amazing community, donors, members and allies who support us and make all conservation work possible with partners around the world.

Surrounded by elephants on many sides, including going down a corridor that provides a view of the wandering herd, visitors will learn about the critical role elephants play as ecosystem engineers, as well as their complex social dynamics. ElephantValley will give visitors a new perspective on the role the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance plays as a leader in wildlife conservation. It will be an opportunity to highlight the organization’s partners who are changing the world, and we will celebrate the dynamic cultures and communities where people and elephants coexist.

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The heart of the Elephant Valley visitor experience will be a two-story lodge, inspired by the destinations frequented by travelers on safari in Africa. This gathering place will allow educators to share more of their knowledge of the truly inspiring wildlife in the area, while watching the elephants wading through the vast watering holes. ElephantValley’s rich flora has been carefully designed by a team of expert horticulturists and arborists to authentically reflect the sights, sounds and smells of the African grasslands. The expansive new habitat will provide an enhanced elephant herd experience by offering many innovative features that adapt to seasonal changes, aiming to replicate what the African savanna looks like all year round.

He said that the greatness of elephants is matched only by the fragility of their future Lisa Peterson, general manager of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We are honored to have the opportunity to bring elephant lives to life for millions of wildlife allies, who will learn about the positive impact each can have and can share our hope for elephants around the world. ElephantValley will be a place where curiosity turns into discovery, where anyone who reaches the age of 1,100 will experience wonderful moments of wonder in nature. We hope that you will remember the defining moments that you will experience here for the rest of your life.

The effects of climate change, human-wildlife coexistence challenges, habitat loss and poaching have devastating effects on elephants. African savanna elephants are currently on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. Conserving African elephants has always been a top priority for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. The organization works closely with Save the Elephants, The Nature Conservancy, Northern Rangelands Trust, Kenya Wildlife Service and Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya to preserve elephants. Scientific studies in Africa and among elephant herds at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park provide a unique opportunity to improve understanding of the species and help design other conservation solutions. With a better understanding of elephants’ complex social behaviors and a deeper understanding of their overall health needs, the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and its partners now have insight into what constitutes positive elephant conservation outcomes.

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He explained that elephants across Africa face enormous challenges that require all of us to work together and find sustainable protection solutions for elephants and humans. Nadine Lambersky, veterinarian, director of wildlife health and conservation for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. We look forward to seeing the impact of ElephantValley on our ongoing elephant conservation efforts.

ElephantValley is funded by and by thousands of generous donors Denny SanfordHe is a longtime supporter of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. In addition to ElephantValley, Mr. Sanford has been a major donor to Wildlife Explorers Basecamp at the Zoo San DiegoSan Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers, and educational television programs, presented in hundreds of children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald homes, and other facilities around the world. ElephantValley is expected to be completed by 2025. To learn more and to donate,

about the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, a leading conservation nonprofit, aims to inspire a passion for nature and spark collaboration for a healthier world. The Alliance supports innovative conservation science initiatives through global partnerships. Through wildlife care, scientific expertise and collaboration, more than 44 endangered species have been reintroduced to their original habitats. Each year the alliance reaches over a billion people personally at Zoo de San Diego and at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and in nearly 150 countries through the media, including San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers TV shows presented at children’s hospitals in thirteen countries. Wildlife Allies (members, donors and visitors) make success possible.

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