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A pregnant woman violently headbutts three midwives

A pregnant woman violently headbutts three midwives

A pregnant woman in her forties, who presented to a hospital in France after severe contractions, violently attacked three members of the health care staff due to the delay in her treatment.

Upset by the long wait in the maternity emergency room at Nord Hospital in Marseille, southern France, the patient expressed her dissatisfaction by physically assaulting three caregivers, according to what the newspaper “La Provence” reported on Saturday.

The forty-year-old woman, whose pregnancy was well advanced, found the strength to violently headbutt two midwives before attacking another nurse with a broom she found on hand.

The local newspaper added that one of the midwives, who was injured in the face, found herself unable to work for three days. Another was injured in his wrist, while the third victim did not suffer any injuries.

Fortunately, the police quickly intervened and put an end to this unusual scene.

A meeting is scheduled for Monday between the nursing staff union and the hospital administration, while the mother, who was transferred to another department of the hospital, will be interviewed by investigators after she gave birth.

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