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Space: When will the new attempt to take off the rocket for the moon be made?

Space: When will the new attempt to take off the rocket for the moon be made?

Written by Graziella L., Cécile D. Posted Sep 11, 2022 at 10:17 am

After several decades of man’s small step, a new American rocket will return to the moon! The Artemis mission, which was supposed to take off on August 29, then September 3, had to be postponed due to technical problems, but when will the new test take place?

One small step for man, one giant leap humanity‘, it is a famous phrase that symbolizes First steps on the moonspoken by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Several decades later, he appeared Americans want to go back to Satellites and launch Artemis missionwith the first flight of a main space program.

This historic mission was supposed to take off on August 29, 2022, around 2:30 PM. Initially, the rocket’s takeoff was delayed, before it was fully completed abandoned, And the Delayed Later. In fact, several technical problems It was spotted just before launch. A crack in the tank structure was repaired the morning of the launch. A few hours later, it was one of the engines of the machine that worried the engineers.

by security measure, The NASA So it is preferred Postpone the launch, to give her teams time to boost the rocket. According to them, the Artemis rocket was ready to take off Saturday 3 SeptemberThanks to the encouraging weather forecast and resolution of technical issues. But the takeoff failed again due to a fuel leak problem!

If the new attempt does not have a date yet, it may be made between September 23 or 27I hope this is the right time this time! The shooting windows It becomes harder to find with each failure. According to Jim Frey, a senior NASA official, the possibility opens on September 23 at 6:47 a.m. local time, as well as on September 27 at 11:37 a.m. These dates avoid any conflict with DART missions, Which will hit an asteroid on September 26.

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The SLS . missile98 meters, (approx) get ready to go ! A gigantic job requires more than Twenty years of preparation Scientists and astronauts. “I am very happy to restore the technology that can put people on the moon. To me this is excitingAstronaut Stan Love said. However, the arrival of a new man to the star is not at the moment, the task is done in it several stagesKiss Peak around 2026.

all of this First unmanned flight It is necessary, because this missile, the most powerful in the world, has to push Orion’s habitable capsule orbiting the moon, before returning to Earth. Then Artemis 2 will send astronauts into orbit in 2024 and Artemis 3 will complete the mission, providing humans with the possibility I’m walking on the moon again. With a project far on the horizon, red planet, which will become more tangible. Because, unlike 50 years ago, the ship is More reliable, more efficient and designed for a bigger crew.

Current technology will certainly allow us to monitor He lives A new astronaut’s fingerprint on the satellite, a moment is already coming Anthology !