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A poorly paid bartender tries to retrain under a new identity

A poorly paid bartender tries to retrain under a new identity

The bartender who conned dozens of employees, customers and suppliers over the past decade is now trying to retrain as a… Nail professionals using a new identity.

“This lady is a thing. In fact, this has to stop,” says Rebecca Giard, owner of Pure Bar Beauté salon in Sorel-Tracy.

On February 9, the 31-year-old businesswoman discovered the scam and foiled it. The nail technician who worked at her company under the name Julie Catherine Gagné was actually Catherine Levasseur.

In Varennes

Last May, our FBI reported that this sommelier, known for tasting fake wine in Quebec, ran away from about two dozen people demanding thousands of dollars from her. We also learned that the courts were looking for her due to her inability to contact her and that she had been the target of about a dozen civil lawsuits.

It appears that Levasseur had been staying in a rented house in Varennes for about two years, according to what was monitored. Newspaper.

the shift

For her part, Rebecca Giard says she met the 51-year-old woman last April.

“She asked to have a transformation, a big change, to have short red hair. When we put the pieces of the puzzle together, we get it.

Then, in December, the person who had been bragging about being a nail technician for two decades, MI Giard rents him space in his living room. However, M.I Giard.

In good faith, the owner still offered a preferential rate to Julie Catherine, who was supposedly new to the area and had no clients.

MI Giard especially trusted her because of the online training she offered for more than $1,200 to become a “Nails Boss.”

“The pictures she showed me of her work were clearly wrong,” M firmly believes.I Giard, to whom many dissatisfied customers have complained. I really wonder if she has a degree in nail art.

More excuses

Soon after, the same excuses that the bartender had already used to her multiple creditors to justify her late payments resurfaced again. She now owes this owner about $600.

“Gastro, her boyfriend's father died, and she had to take a plane to go and I don't remember where. Then her boyfriend left her, and that's why she couldn't pay anymore,” says M.I Giard.

The latter quickly terminated his agreement, believing that he had been taken for granted.

“It's not necessarily about the money. It's really the fact that she got in here. I felt cheated,” she said.

Here, we will see an example of the result of Julie Catherine's work on an unsatisfied client.

Photo courtesy, Rebecca Giard


For his part, Levasseur did not want to answer our questions. Instead, she sent a statement claiming that she had begun the process of changing her name “in order to remove the stigma” associated with Catherine Levasseur.

About M beauty salonI Giard points out that “the goal was simply to have a base for carrying out aesthetic services, which is a matter of earning money.” [sa] Life in peace.

By signing off on “Julie Catherine,” she calls the conviction of her former collaborators “revenge” and says she has an empty notebook.

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According to her partner, Daniel Carette, whom they met in the parking lot of their home, where four cars were parked, including a BMW XT and an Audi TT, Levasseur “never claimed to be a professional” at applying nails.

Residents in the neighborhood told… Newspaper After I saw at least one bailiff try to hand-deliver papers to MI Levasseur, without success.

Catherine Levasseur

Image taken from Facebook page

Who is Catherine Levasseur?

  • Known in 2013 for scamming hundreds of people thanks to Tuango discount, offering wine tasting deals at hotels, which never happened
  • Our FBI confirmed that she opened and closed at least four restaurants during the pandemic, leaving bills and salaries unpaid for more than two dozen people.
  • It also uses the names Gagné, Levasseur Gagné, or L. Gagné

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