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A father passes a torch (from a hot dog) to his son

A father passes a torch (from a hot dog) to his son

Passing your professional passion from father to son when you work 80 hours a week serving food is a huge challenge.

After all, Achilles Papgiannis, who bought Lafleur restaurants 10 years ago, is now handing the torch to his sons, including 42-year-old George.

The father is convinced that Quebecers will never stop eating sausage and poutine.

For 70 years, Lafleur restaurants have kept the same “winning” recipe. The chain now includes 16 restaurants.

In the kitchen until the last minute due to lack of labor, Achilles Papagiannis handed the reins of affairs to his son George on June 1.

“He’s always worked with us and he’s ready,” says the man.

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George intends to follow in the footsteps of his respected father.

“My dad worked hard. 100 hours a week, that was all. I didn’t really know my dad when I was younger, but working with him is really inspiring,” says the son.

Caring for the workforce is also one of their core values.

George now plans to double the number of restaurants in five years, while maintaining a family balance with his three children.

“You have to take the time to spend time with the family as well. It’s nice to have a great success story like this, but you have to make some time for the family as well, that’s really important,” he says.

The family’s passion may continue to spread with the third generation of Papagiannis who may also be able to get their hands dirty in the future.

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