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All about Hyundai cars Algeria

All about Hyundai cars Algeria

In spite of The speed at which the Hyundai plant Algeria Which is based in Tiaret, resumed its activities, on the same day that it was announced its reopening, Thursday, the vehicles will not be sold to the public immediately.

The factory belonging to the imprisoned businessman Mohieddine Tahkout reopened on Thursday, October 27, and the start of resumption of assembly given on the same day.

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TMC officials have indicated that production will initially be limited to 70 cars per day, aiming to open five more production lines and eventually reach a 40% integration rate.

The plant will already work immediately with the available stock, that is, 2344 sets. This is the new Hyundai Accent model, said Khaled Jaballah, CEO of TMC.

The official said in a statement to Al-Shorouk that the first cars will be ready starting in November, but they will not be for sale to the public, but to public administrations and ministries.

Pricing not yet revealed

“We have orders from public administrations, the Ministry of Defense and other ministries,” he said. According to him, the sale to the public will take place in the first quarter of 2023, “if, of course, the raw material is available.”

Mr. Jaballah confirmed that this issue of raw materials was the subject of an agreement with the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai.

The Accent, which will leave the Tiaret plant, will be available in petrol (1.4 and 1.6 liter engines) and diesel (1.6 liter).

And about the prices that will apply to Hyundai cars assembled in Algeria, Mr. Djaballah indicated that they will be repaired through the company’s specialized services, making sure that they will be accessible to those targeted by this car, that is, the “middle class”.

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