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Grâce à ce bus, les patients peuvent se faire dépister gratuitement.

A bus travels in Dordogne to raise awareness about vision screening

Three out of four adults have vision problemsAccording to the Ministry of Health. However, many people rarely go to the eye doctor. In the face of this observation, the Lions Club’s southwest district has set up a bus, which intersects with the roads of France, to encourage visual inspection. This week, November 22-26, the bus is in Dordogne, offering, with or without appointment, free eye exams.

“For me, I didn’t need to go to the eye doctor”

When viewed from the outside, the Vision Bus looks quite like a classic bus. But when you step inside, you discover a real ophthalmology room, with its diagnostic equipment. Patients first answer the questionnaire: “Since when did you go to the eye doctor?”And Have you had vision problems in the past?, etc. Then comes the consultation with retired ophthalmologist Dr. Jean-Paul Taffin. “For me, I’ve always had a 10/10. I didn’t need to go to the eye doctor”Smiling companion. The bus was right next to his work, he took the opportunity to push the door. Because that’s the point: Go to those who neglect their eyesJean-Paul Taffin explains. “Either we go to distant geographic areas, that is, in the countryside, in medical deserts. It also allows us to see people who think that from a financial point of view, they cannot go to the ophthalmologist”, He says. Not to mention the appointment scheduling times are often very long, which can be discouraging for someLike Martin. It’s been four years since she was consulted.

Examination is important

However, early detection is very important in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, as Jean-Paul Taffin explains: “The problem with most eye diseases is that you can often only stabilize them with treatment. So the earlier you see them, the sooner you can stabilize them.” 80% of visual impairments are preventable if diagnosed early enough, according to Lions Club.

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You can take the test with or without an appointment: from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6 pm.

  • Wednesday 11/24: Pollzac: Agora Gymnasium Parking Lot 05 53 35 59 74
  • Thursday 25/11/Terrasson: CCAS Terrasson
  • Friday 11/26: Fergit: Parking in the health center (side SSIAD) 05 53 54 90 05