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Accor Arena opens a co-working space in its own enclosure

Accor Arena opens a co-working space in its own enclosure

Written by Laura B. Posted Sep 30, 2021 11:48am

The start of the 2021 school year is crowded at the Accor Arena. Among all the expected novelties, the performance hall decided to install a co-working space. During the day, boxes and lounges are converted into shared offices.

closed for very long months,Accor Arena It reopened to the public in mid-September. And in this new school year 2021, the Stage Completely reinventing itself with the goal of becoming a reality Place of living. With this in mind, theAccor Arena Significantly opens A space for teamwork.

In the face of the rise of remote work and especially the need for self-renewal and in particular to find new sources of income, Stage from Percy Has joined Spaces, which specializes in joint workTo make or to invent workspaces.

So this is new officesAnd An individual or in open spacee, and entire modules, are done in hostel And salons than it was still called Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy From a few years. These new spaces are modern, in a relaxed atmosphere, but are also responsible for the environment and focus on luxury in a job. So it is located around 200 workstations, in a green space with a contemporary, elegant and elegant décor. A large living room will serve as‘Open space’ Where do you communicate? While the hostels, the most intimate and cozy, allow you to isolate yourself.

L ‘Accor ArenaIt’s not the only place for shows and sports to turn to joint work. At the beginning of September, Princes’ Garden also hosted a co-working space, but in an ephemeral fashion.

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