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A bus driver was fired for his short stature

A bus driver was fired for his short stature

UK bus driver fired for short stature (Getty Images)

At 1.52 m, a British bus driver has been fired by his company after more than 30 years of good and loyal service.

On the other hand the story on the channel is starting to make noise. Manchester bus driver Tracy Scholes was fired by her employer late last year despite having 34 years of experience. Is it his fault? 1m52 in size and can no longer reach the pedals without taking risks on new buses used by the carrier. “I have never had a problem driving the bus before. But in some vehicles a glass was replaced and a blind spot appeared,” the British driver said. BBC. “If I sit more deep in my seat, I can reach the pedals and drive safely.”

The petition was signed by 25,000 people

After learning of the problem, his employer, Go North West Tracy Scholes, agreed to reduce his working hours or leave the bus company. The 50-year-old was fired after being denied both options. With the support of his union, he considers this decision to be discriminatory. For its part, the carrier defends itself and ensures that all attempts to find a compatible solution are “rejected”.

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She was the first female driver at her bus depot to receive the support of “25,000 people” who signed a petition to move the lines. Many gathered in front of the depot of his former company to demand the re-employment of Tracy Scholes. The mother of three, saddened by such a famous revelation, wants to return to her old life: “All I have to do is get my job back.”

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The carrier pointed out that the redesign of the buses was introduced “for safety reasons” in the agreement with the unions in the wake of the dismissal of Tracy Scholes, who was attacked from all sides. “We have 13,000 bus drivers of all sizes, less than 1m50 and only one driver booked,” the company estimates.

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