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Australia accepts "3-parent IVF"

Australia accepts “3-parent IVF”

On Wednesday, March 30, Australian senators passed legislation recognizing “. Controversial process Also known as “3-parent IVF”, “mitochondrial donation”[1] (cf. Australia: House of Representatives approves IVF of three parents) This technique involves the use of genetic material from three individuals: sperm from the father, one egg from the mother, and mitochondria from another woman’s egg.

The bill passed without amendment by a vote of 37 to 17. A heated discussion “And” A vote of conscience “. Her nickname.” Mave Law “, The name of a girl suffering from mitochondrial disease. Health Minister Greg Hunt commented on the poll on Twitter: ” The “world’s leading” law About 50 babies are born with severe mitochondrial disease each year in Australia.

For Jas St. John, a mitochondrial genetic researcher at the University of Adelaide, ” The Australian Parliament has taken an unknown big step “.” We do not have enough data from large animal specimens such as instruments and physiology. Are just like humans “, He says, he is concerned about the possible side effects of this gene manipulation.

[1] Mitochondria are structures that produce energy for cells.

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, Dana Daniel (30/03/2022); ABC, Anna Saleh (03/31/2022) – Photo: iStock


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