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A bold and affordable way to combat the winter blues – Country Life

A bold and affordable way to combat the winter blues – Country Life

“Blue Monday” marks the beginning of the FourthH Issuing the annual winter wellness initiative on the world's longest trail network

Image source: Trans-Canada Highway.

As the cold of winter sets in, the Trans Canada Trail is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth trailH Annual winter wellness campaign From blah to…happiness. Starting on Monday 15 January, the gloomiest day of the year and running until mid-March, the campaign invites people of all ages to enjoy outdoor activities and discover the transformative power of the world's longest network of trails.

(Lake Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia). Image source: Warren Gordon.

The campaign – a national initiative to encourage winter trail use – invites outdoor enthusiasts, trail lovers, adventure lovers and everyone in between to share how they transform their daily lives from joy to… happiness during the coldest months of the year. The Trans Canada Trail – a 28,000 km network of trails – provides endless opportunities for adventure, fun, exploration and activity throughout the winter.

Prioritize your well-being and mental health You're not alone: ​​98% of Trail users use it to improve their mental health or relieve stress. Whether you want to spend some time alone, meet up with friends, meditate, exercise, or connect with nature, the Trail is the perfect place to do so.
Make connections : More than 80% of Canada's population lives less than 30 minutes from a section of trail, making it an ideal meeting point, whether with friends, acquaintances or to meet new people.
Challenge yourself : Every kilometer of the track contains an adventure waiting to be experienced. Check out our map to see where you can try hiking, running, snowshoeing, biking or cross-country skiing on the trail.
Don't worry about the bill : The Trans-Canada Trail is open to everyone every day of the year. As the cost of housing, goods and activities rises, the trail remains a free or low-cost space for physical activity, gatherings and enjoyment from coast to coast.

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Image source: Destination Ontario.

“The From Blah to…Happiness campaign reminds us all that the Trans Canada Trail is a wonderful space to exercise, explore and come together – no matter the weather,” says Megan Reddick, Director of Communications, Tourism and Marketing at the Trans Canada Trail. In a world where isolation and loneliness are common, the Trail is the perfect place to connect with each other, our communities, and the many winter wonders across Canada. »

Cross-country skiing in the Laurentians. Image source: Philippe Deschenes.

Share your moments of happiness and win prizes
The From Blah to… Happiness campaign invites Trail users to share how they are transforming their daily lives from Blah to… Happiness on the Trans-Canada Trail. Participants can win prizes by sharing their photos or videos on social media, using the hashtags #DeBofABonheur and #TranscanadianTrail.

“Winter on the Trans-Canada Trail is an adventure waiting to be revealed and an experience that brings us closer together. We can enjoy the season together on Canada’s iconic trail system,” adds Megan Reddick.

From May… to Happiness is made possible by the generous financial support of TD Bank Group.

Image source: Trans-Canada Highway.

About the Trans Canada Trail
The Trans-Canada Trail (the Trail) is the longest recreational trail in the world, extending over 28,000 kilometers on land and water. The route connects three oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic – and connects 15,000 rural, urban and Indigenous communities in all provinces and territories. It is a common thread that connects Canada's diverse landscapes, seasons, people and experiences, fostering unity, collaboration and connection. The Trans Canada Trail is a registered charity that serves as the national trail steward in collaboration with local trail partners. Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada through Parks Canada and investments from all levels of government, as well as generous donors, the Trans Canada Trail is the largest investor in trail infrastructure projects in Canada, supporting improvements, growth and improvement of the trail for generations to come.

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Via the Trans Canada Trail