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Goossips : Crawl et Search Console, Taille des Hn et Algorithmes de Mesure de la Performance

Goossips: Crawling and Search Console, Hn Size and Performance Measurement Algorithms – Search Engine Optimization & Engine News

Some information on Google (and sometimes Bing) and its search engine, unofficially collected here and there in recent days, with some program answers this week to these agonizing questions: Is a site registered in Search Console better crawled? Does the size of fonts used in Hn tags have an impact on SEO? Are old performance measurement algorithms (render time) for web pages from 2010 to 218 still in use?

Here is a small selection of information provided by Google spokespersons in recent days on various unofficial networks (Twitter, Hangouts, forums, conferences, etc.). So “gossip” (common) + Google = “gossip” 🙂

Sometimes more or less care is taken in search engine communication, we indicate, in the lines below, the level of trust (reliability rate) we give to the information provided by Google (1 to 3 stars, 3 stars are the maximum trust rating) – not to the source that talking about her.

Crawling and Search Console
John Mueller explained on Twitter that the fact that Search Console is created on a site and checked/validated has no effect on crawling that particular site. Google’s crawl system is independent of Search Console.
source : search engine roundtable
reliability rate:
There is no need to create a Search Console for your site for the sole purpose of improving crawling. And it would really be a shame to only use Search Console for that…
Hn . size
John Mueller said on Twitter that the size (approximately the height, in pixels) of the fonts used for the Hn tags (H1 to H6) was not taken into account when analyzing the content of a web page.
source : search engine roundtable
reliability rate:
Only the presence of the Hn beacon is taken into account. Don’t take advantage of that to have a small Hn of 1 or 2 pixels in size (and why not white on a white background, as long as we’re in it 🙂), because the text will become almost invisible and therefore will go against the recommendations Google. Common sense prevails in search engine optimization…
Old performance calculation algorithms
John Mueller, still on Twitter, confirmed that Google is no longer using the old algorithms, used from 2010 to 2018, to measure the performance (display time) of a web page. From now on, the “Page Experience” algorithm and especially the “Basic Web Fundamentals” are taken into account. Everything else has been neglected.
source : search engine land
reliability rate:
That’s logical. One algorithm is chasing the other…

Goossips: Crawling and Search Console, Benchmarking Algorithms and Hn . Scale
Goossips: Crawling and Search Console, Hn Size and Benchmark Algorithms. source : The Google