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A break for Clouds Pinault and Anne Elizabeth Boss

A break for Clouds Pinault and Anne Elizabeth Boss

Anne Elizabeth Bose and Guillaume Pinault announced their separation on Wednesday morning.

The actress revealed on her Instagram account that her relationship with the comedian, which has lasted for six years now, ended a few weeks ago.

This is his message:

“A few weeks ago we decided to continue our solo trips, each on our own.

Guillaume and I are no longer a couple.

Even though it was a difficult decision, know that we are so grateful for these six wonderful years we spent together, full of tenderness, sensitivity and sophistication.

Gratitude for this beautiful relationship basically, where we laughed together every day, even in the toughest times.

We are on very good terms and have great respect for each other. (Good. These sentences always seem to be dictated by journalistic relations but they are totally honest. They come straight from the heart.)”

Remember, the duo hosted a ComediHa party! Together, just a few weeks ago, on August 19.

We wish them plenty of sweetness every side to their side for the rest!

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