Produced after four years of research by the Netherlands Institute cancer,This is a medical success represents a hopefull in the treatment of this type of facial cancer. The device was created by the Netherlands Cancer Institute, jointly with Mobius 3 D Technology (M3DT). The success of this operation appears to be a promising solution alternative to current technologies.

Technology with multiple advantages

thanks for the3D printing An MRI of the patient was performed, in which the implant was found to be stronger, lighter and closer to the original jawbone. This person can no longer break and head creative The institute says the mounting screws ensure its stability. Made to measure, implant 3D Printed Significantly reduces the risk of complications for its user. The surgery is also simpler and shorter. The titanium jaw Keep the same mucosal fit and pressure as the original jawbone, reducing the risk of complications. Aesthetic level, the prosthesis has better performance, because, as the researchers explained at the origin of this artwork,Tumors in and around the jawbone It is often treated by removing part of the jawbone. (Lower jaw). The lower jaw he is reconstructedand, if possible, with a bone from another part of the body, usually the fibula, that small bone in the lower part of the leg. Complex, these reconstructive methods require re-establishing contact between organs, and also lead to disease at the donor site. On the contrary, the Illegal earning Sheet metal has other drawbacks: loosening of the screws with which they are fixed, cracks, which lead to infection, breakage, etc.

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In the near future, this technology that has Many advantages So it will be used more widely from 2023-2024 according to the researchers. Scientists are also working on using this same process for other face and skull transplants.


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