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The relationship between science and reason in the model of religious life

Tehran (ICNA) – Despite its high status, science alone is not enough to ensure human development. Science needs a reason to shape a person’s lifestyle.

Science is awareness of data obtained through study, education, and experience, but this science requires the intervention of the mind to be usefully applied in life.

Knowledge is not the opposite of ignorance, we have in the narrations of the imams (pbuh) scholars whose ignorance has been destroyed. In the eyes of the Qur’an, a person can possess knowledge but lack the necessary wisdom in using his knowledge.

Religion advises to think before acting, to know the consequences of our actions and whether they are right or not. That is why it was said in the hadith that the sleep of the educated is better than the night of the awakening of the ignorant and the worship of the ignorant.

Another effect of wisdom is experience and orientation to results, i.e. we must use trial and error and past experiences, and not repeat what has not worked.

There are about 20 standards in hadiths and verses that help people to act wisely and practice the correct religion, and advise avoiding impulsive and emotional behaviors.

* Excerpt from the speech of Hojjatul Islam Hamid Reza Shariatmadari, faculty member at the University of Religions and Islamic Schools.

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