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3D Concierge or Heart-Signed Passport: How We’ll Travel in 50 Years

Biometric entry and exit systemEurope (It’s expected to go into effect at the end of 2023) It sounds high-tech, and predictions about what travel will be like fifty years from now are something out of a science fiction movie.

Low cost airline EasyJet I asked a panel of experts — including academics, futurists and business consultants — to predict what travel would look like in 2070.

Results published in the report 2070: Future Travel Report Airline, make predictions about choosing and booking your vacation, airport, flight experience and accommodation. passports to “signature heart” To 3D printed wardrobes for the holidays, here’s what we can expect from future travellers.

How will travelers book their vacations in the future?

Instead of browsing a glossy brochure or scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, choosing a vacation destination in the year 2070 will be an experience. meta.

Just like trying on clothes in the store today […]Customers will be able to explore and experience vacation destinations in the metaverse online before making a purchase. “Announce Birgit AndersonAnd Chief Executive Officer of the Great Innovation Center.

You will be able to use virtual reality experiences in “Try before you buy”. “This will benefit those who have little time or financial options and need to make a better, informed choice.”He adds Birgit Anderson.

What will air transport look like in the future?

Experts predict that future flights will be smoother and faster, with fast transport links to airports. 85% of travelers in many countries arrive by electric public transport, including autonomous (self-driving) vehicles.Al said Dr.. Patrick Dixonpresident Global Change Limited.

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You can even get to the airport via e-VTOL Electric taxis with vertical take-off and landing that take you from your home to the airport. “At least 250 companies are already developing these vehicles for short trips.”he explains.

Airport check-in and security just got a whole lot more complicated – and without a queue. When you enter the terminal, the facial recognition software recognizes you and links you to your booked flight.

As for luggage, you may not need it at all. “Instead of wearing clothes on vacation, you’ll just need your measurements”Professor explains Graham BraithwaiteTransportation Systems ManagerCranfield University. So when you get to your destination, there will be a recyclable clothing service that will 3D print your wardrobe.

What will the aircraft of the future look like?

Airplanes of the future will feature comfort and customization. “Bio-mimetic design – replicating efficiencies found in nature – will revolutionize aircraft seating and comfort”says the counselor Dr.. Melissa Sterry. “Innovation in materials science will see the creation of lighter yet stronger materials, for an experience designed in comfort while maintaining integrity.”

What will passports look like in the future?

Facial recognition and biometric passports are already in use, but by 2070 experts predict that all tickets and identity documents will be digital.

Travelers’ vital data – such as fingerprints and retinal scans – will be stored in a global database. This may also include your heart rate, eg “signature heart” from each unique.

What will the hotels of the future look like?

For hotels, experts expect driverless cars for airport transfers and a 3D digital personal concierge.

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The decor of the hotel rooms will be customizable according to your taste. “Think of the hotel itself as a single human-meets-AI controlling all aspects of your stay, customized to your preferences”explains the trend forecaster Shevvy Jervis.

“A virtual room digital assistant (think Super-Alexa) will greet you and help you with everything from asking for a new napkin to suggesting where to eat and making reservations for you.”