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Martherlinois green space has opened

Martelnoyer’s new green space was inaugurated on March 22 in the presence of students from the alternative primary school Freinet and the deputy mayor and councilor of Sainte-Marthe County, Daniel Cournoyer.

Named in honor of the residents of the Sainte-Marthe region, the green space includes beginner-level trails that make up a 3.5-kilometer loop. The trails behind the Félix-Leclerc Center provide great proximity to nature for hiking, cycling and snowshoeing.

This green space, which has been informally borrowed by residents for several years, is very popular. By marking the paths, the city formalizes the importance of this place in terms of the quality of life in the strip and invites the community to discover it.

Markers have been installed along the corridors to facilitate the intervention of emergency services if necessary.

Leashed dogs are allowed, but the city reminds owners that it is up to the owners to pick up their animals’ droppings and that the cleanliness of the premises is everyone’s business.

The Marthelinois green space is in addition to the four ecoregions developed and maintained by the city, Châteaudun, Ogden, Milette River and Terre-des-Loisirs.

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