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30 years of career and balanced life: “Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed sometimes, because I'm lucky!”  – Sebastien Benoit

30 years of career and balanced life: “Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed sometimes, because I'm lucky!” – Sebastien Benoit

Sébastien Benoit will celebrate his 30-year career in front of the camera in 2024. The affable host also has other anniversary memories to highlight: 25 years of working in radio, including 20 years at Rythme-FM, and 15 years of being alongside With his mistress too. That 10 years of Food shots.

Food shots Also returning to Zeste on Friday, and to highlight a decade of fun “discovering and sharing places of gastronomic happiness”, it's his friend Benoit Roberge – his first guest of 2015 – who takes the helm of the show for one episode. And so Sebastian makes room for the game by sharing four titles that he “really loves.”

Benoit Roberge replaces his friend Sébastien Benoit as host of “Coups de food” for the first episode of season 10, if only to let the latter join in the fun by sharing his best addresses in Montreal.

Martin Allary/Journal de Montreal

“I didn't think I would make it to 10 seasons Food shotsBut after the first show, I realized that I loved doing this show. “When we love a project, when we love the result, when we love the people we work with, of course we hope that it will last as long as possible,” said Sébastien Benoit in an interview with QMI.

At 51 years old, he is happy to continue in this profession and feels grateful to have been able to touch it all.

“What I want is to continue doing what I love and what I am most proud of is that I have been able to host in different areas. I have not been pigeonholed. I am lucky with what I do, as I can make a living from it without having to worry, and work with people I love. I have a baby girl and I'm very proud of her, she's a blonde with whom I celebrated my 15th birthday and things are going very well. Honestly, I'm almost embarrassed sometimes because I'm so lucky!

Sébastien Benoit says he cultivates a combination of “positivity and innocence.”

“I'm not esoteric in life, but it is true that the positive energy you bring into your life will come back to you.”

Triple fun

Fun holding the helm Food shots It is triple, according to the host.

“It's a pleasure to discover restaurants, artisans and guests with whom I spend 14 hours chatting in a relaxed way. It allows you to get to know them from other angles.

In this special episode in which he is a guest rather than a host, Sébastien Benoit suggests stops at Dax Café, Boucherie Provisions, and Swirl to try vegan soft serve ice cream, and then the day is over – very busy! – At Nomi Japanese refreshment bar. It should be noted that these companies have not been visited by the team before.

Photographer from the Coups de food team at DAX Café in Montreal.

Martin Allary/Journal de Montreal

Within 10H In the following season, he also goes to Quebec to discover the best restaurants of Deputy Prime Minister Genevieve Guilbault and to the Laurentians to meet singer Jonathan Roy at his favorite addresses. The rest of the season takes place in Montreal or its surroundings with Nour Belkhairia, France D'Amour, Olivier Dion, Matt Duff, Chantal Fontaine, Guy Godwin, Jean-Michel Leblond, Andrian A. Mallet, David Savard and Nathalie Simard.

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Big Winter by Sébastien Benoit

Sébastien Benoit, who returns from a trip to Mexico with his loved ones, will co-host the event Celebration 2024 With Gregory Charles and Veronique Dekker on Sunday, 7 p.m., on TVA, the channel on which he continues to try the game with Julie Holly. The goose that lays golden eggs Every Sunday at 5:30pm (return January 14).

Julie Holly and Sebastien Benoit co-host “The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs” every Sunday on TVA.

Photo courtesy of TVA

He will also be seen as a guest judge on Master Chef Quebec Also this winter at TVA. He also continues to share the Rythme FM microphone with José Gaudet and Isabelle Racicot on the show. It's four o'clock somewhere.

Produced by Productions Déferlantes, Episode 10H season Food shots It starts Friday, January 5, at 10pm, on Zeste.

Food shots In numbers…

Courtesy photo

  • 10 seasons
  • 135 guests
  • 140 days of filming
  • 540 restaurants visited