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Tensions in the Dillon family |  Alain Delon files a complaint against his son Anthony

Tensions in the Dillon family | Alain Delon files a complaint against his son Anthony

(Paris) – French actor Alain Delon will file a complaint against his son Anthony, because he is “deeply shocked by the media coverage he has orchestrated” throughout his life, his lawyer announced Thursday in a press release sent to AFP.

The 88-year-old cinema icon told me, “He is very shocked by the media hype orchestrated by his son Anthony, who has only one goal, which is to harm the reputation of his daughter Anushka, harm her, and achieve the unique relationship.” He was always with Anushka,” M explainedH Christophe Ayella.

In an interview with a magazine Paris match Published on Thursday, Anthony Dillon declared that his father was “weak” and “could no longer bear to see himself like this, diminished”.

He also claims that he filed a handrail (declaring the facts to the police or gendarmerie, without filing a complaint) against his sister Anushka, whom he accuses of not informing him that the actor, who suffered a serious stroke in July 2019, was leaving. They failed five “cognitive tests” between 2019 and 2022

“But what father can bear that?,” the star responded, citing the press release issued by MH Ayla. Alain Delon “cannot stand the aggression of his son Anthony who keeps telling him he has dementia”, the lawyer said, and what is “most shocking” is that he still “claims that he would have lived his last Christmas”, the lawyer said.

the actor Cheetah or Sun light “He also told me that unlike Anushka, her son Anthony never happened […] Really worried about him, even today he sees him very little. “He once again exploited his name to gain fame by publishing a book against him. He even added: “Let him leave me alone, and leave my daughter alone,” Mrs.H Ayla.

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“He asked me to file a complaint, initially for defamation. “And also to study the necessary measures to stop the threats against him and his daughter,” the lawyer added.