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2022 is here and Surface Duo is still ineligible for Android 11

The Surface Duo is still not eligible for Android 11, however the version will be ready, publication imminent.

We are officially in 2022. This means in particular Microsoft He couldn’t keep his target. Redmond Corporation announced its ambition to publish android 11 on his smartphone Surface Duo before the end of 2021. Unfortunately, this was not possible.

Surface Duo still ineligible for Android 11

Those who follow tech news may remember that Microsoft said last September: “We want to provide updates for the Surface Duo and are working to get Android 11 to existing customers before this year.” The American giant is really nothing, but the intent was clearly announced and this announcement gave a lot of hope to the owners of the Surface Duo.

Like windows Central was the first to report that Duo devices are still not eligible for Android 11. Which can be particularly frustrating for owners of these products, but it’s not without precedent. Such delays have already occurred with Android, as manufacturers have failed to “quickly” deliver the latest versions of Google’s mobile operating system. “The history of updates is the same today as it was ten years ago; Google devices are updated very quickly, and some need several months, or even not at all,” summarizes Dieter Bohn of The Verge in 2019.

The copy will be ready with that, imminent publication

Microsoft should also make Android work with different controls and features that are not necessarily present in Android to manage the two screens of the Surface Duo. In his testing of the device, Dieter Bohn explained that Android “is not at all ready for devices like the Surface Duo”. In fact, even the smallest update can take a long time, but when it comes to Duo, users haven’t had a single major update since the device was launched 15 months ago.

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Redmond did not respond to media requests and Windows Central only received a frivolous response stating “No comment”. Fortunately, according to sources from Windows Central itself, it appears that “the Android 11 update for the Surface Duo has been completed, and deployment should begin once the release is approved by Google and AT&T.”