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20 years of work and 3 new albums for Marianne Trudel

20 years of work and 3 new albums for Marianne Trudel

Musician Marianne Trudel has celebrated her 20-year career by releasing three follow-up albums this fall.

Thus, three new albums are simultaneously added to the pianist's portfolio, namely a solo album called Quiet sounds for a noisy worlda duet disc with John Hollenbeck Didi Java Espiritu And also the trio Fleeting joy With John Hollenbeck and Remy Jean LeBlanc.

Although all inspired by nature, the trilogy of albums is integrated in the sounds and sensibilities they evoke.


The solo album is a return to the roots for Marianne Trudel, who has not released this type of record since her first release.

“I wanted an album that would allow people to slow down the tempo and frequency a little bit, because I find that we live in a world where we are constantly overstimulated,” says the Laval resident.

in Quiet sounds for a noisy worldwe can hear the music on the piano, but also on the harmonium, which is another wind instrument similar to a pedal organ.

The duo's tracks, with drummer John Hollenbeck, are enveloping and almost orchestral, according to the Champfleury resident.

“There are only two of us, but sometimes there are parts of the album where it feels like there are four or five of us in the way we use all kinds of sounds,” Marianne Trudel explains. There are even pieces where I play inside the piano, not on the keyboard, but actually on the piano using strings and mallets.

to Fleeting joyGuitarist Remy Jean Leblanc joined the artists to produce a bright and melodic product with more jazz sounds.

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“It's a nice continuation of what I've done before,” the artist sums up. There are things I hear that are more assertive and I allow myself more freedom.


More than 40 years after forging her relationship with the piano, Marianne Trudel realizes that “a career in music requires a lot of work, a lot of talent, a lot of determination, and a little bit of luck, too.”

For her part, she considers herself very lucky to have won the audition that changed her entire career: at the age of 21, she was chosen to accompany Charles Aznavour on tour.

The artist is also very proud of having 10 albums to her credit, most of which are self-produced.

“I've always felt that way, but I realize it,” says the McGill University music professor. When you look at the things that have been accomplished, I see how passionate I am about music and that music is truly my whole life. I've been fully invested in this for a very long time.

The pianist also won the Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec (CALQ) Award for Artist of the Year in Laval for 2023.