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19-year-old woman named 'Australia's most beautiful woman' after photo of stolen nightclub

19-year-old woman named 'Australia's most beautiful woman' after photo of stolen nightclub

It took a simple photo shoot in a nightclub to get the young woman's bad name. Today, modeling agencies are breaking it down.

It all started with an evening out with friends on Saturday March 9. Riley Johnson, 19, her boyfriend Tyrese Byra Kela and other friends enjoyed a weekend in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

The club they visit has a photographer who offers to take pictures of the young couple. The couple accepted and the photo was later posted on the nightclub's Facebook account.

Within minutes, the photo went viral on social media. The reason: Riley Johnson's “natural” beauty. Netizens are mesmerized by the young Murree woman, who at the same time says she wants to pursue a modeling career. We can say that these words fell on deaf ears.

The young woman is inundated with requests from modeling agencies

Image credit: ryli.johnson.1/ Facebook

All weekend, Australia was talking about this photo. Riley said Daily Mail Australia Her mother showed her many comments from internet users and she was shocked. ” I am a little black girl from Mori [en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, ndlr] I never expected that all the people from big cities would tell me to be a model. It's just crazy “, she admits.

However, the young woman never thought of modeling. A few close friends had already suggested the idea, but Riley always took it as a joke. Since the flood of backlash, the Australian admits he has reconsidered the option. She is now more confident to continue on this path.

Photo credit: Sunrise

I got requests from modeling agencies who contacted me ยป, informs Riley, who has always dreamed of participating in Paris and New York Fashion Week.

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The girl later appeared on the country's popular morning show Sunrise, which called her ” Australia's most beautiful woman “. If Riley starts a career as a top model, she wants to use her image to inspire small tribal women to pursue their dreams.

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