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Former US President Jimmy Carter has been in palliative care for a year

Former US President Jimmy Carter has been in palliative care for a year

Former US President Jimmy Carter will spend a year in palliative care on Sunday, a period when he defied the odds, turned 99 and attended the funeral of his wife, Rosale.

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“One year after entering hospice care, President Carter is still at home with his family,” his charity, the Carter Center, said in a statement to US media on the first anniversary of his decision to stay in hospice care, his home in Plains, Georgia (southeast), from additional medical intervention. Instead of benefiting, after consecutive hospitalizations.

According to the former US president's (1977-1981) foundation, “The Carter family is grateful for the many messages of love they have received and the continued respect for their private lives.

“The family is pleased that her decision to enter hospice care last year has sparked a nationwide family discussion on this important topic,” the statement added.

Jimmy Carter is the oldest former president in US history.

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The former Democratic president last made a public appearance at the funeral of his wife, Rosalyn Carter, who died in November at the age of 96.

“When he entered palliative care (…), we thought it would be a few days,” said his grandson, Jason Carter, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Daily.

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“That's what the doctors said. But it's a way of thinking that God isn't done with him yet,” he continued.

Jimmy Carter was president for only one term. The architect of the Camp David accords that led to the signing of the Israeli-Egyptian peace accords in March 1979, he was heavily criticized in his home country for taking American hostages in Iran in 1979-80.

After leaving the White House, Jimmy Carter founded the Carter Center in 1982 to promote development, health and conflict resolution around the world.

A tireless traveler, he is found everywhere: Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua and East Timor.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002, particularly “for his decades of tireless efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts”.