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Charles III, a new video to reassure

Charles III, a new video to reassure

On Commonwealth Day, March 11, 2024, King Charles recorded a short video message, an unprecedented speech since his announcement of cancer. The sovereign, who has recently increased visitor numbers at Buckingham Palace in light of the day's symbolic importance in diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Commonwealth member states, will not attend the service at Westminster Abbey.

He has not given up his kingdom despite being treated for cancer, the nature of which is kept secret. Unwilling to take part in official events to acquit himself, King Charles will not stand with his family on Commonwealth Day, March 11, 2024, at Westminster Abbey. That doesn't mean the sovereign is failing in his duties: since February 5 and the revelation of his illness, Charles III has been working, with Buckingham Palace regularly releasing photos and news that prove his majesty is doing his job.

King Charles during an audience with Jamaica's High Commissioner Alexander Williams and his wife Carol Watson-Williams at Buckingham Palace on March 7, 2024. © Yui Mok/PA Wire/ABACAPRESS.COM

The king chose to appear at the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth in a video address, his first in weeks. The images, recorded at Windsor Castle on February 29, will be unveiled at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey today. It was an unprecedented choice for a monarch on such an occasion: Queen Elizabeth II, unable to attend this Commonwealth conference, had simply written a message without showing up.

Navy blue suit, matching tie and pocket square, fingers interlaced on his desk in his usual posture, Charles eyes slightly red, with somewhat drawn features, but showing no other signs of weakness. The Sovereign addresses all British and Commonwealth citizens from the White Drawing Room at Windsor, where Queen Elizabeth II delivered her famous “Control Speech” in April 2020. In front of him, a small clock, a wedding present from his mother and father Prince Philip, and a young oak shoot plucked from the castle grounds.

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Charles intends to continue serving “to the best of his ability.”

In his speech released earlier this morning, Charles III, 75, of the Commonwealth, thanked members of the organization for their support: “In recent weeks, I have been deeply touched by your kind and thoughtful messages. I wish you well in your recovery, and in return, I can continue to serve you as best I can throughout the Commonwealth.” ,” he said after recalling the long journey member states have traveled since 1949.

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Emphasizing the mutual aid and friendship that unites the 56 member states, King explains how the organization has played a central role in his life since its birth: “The Commonwealth family is stronger when we are united around friendship. As I have said before, the Commonwealth is like the wiring in a house, its people, our Energy and our ideas are like current flowing through those wires.”

Camilla and William, a unique couple

In Charles III's physical absence, Queen Camilla will preside over the Thanksgiving event, which has been prepared under the theme “A Resilient Common Future: Transforming Our Common Wealth.” Camilla will receive dignitaries and other members of the Windsor clan after a well-deserved weekend off on February 27 during a memorial mass for King Constantine of Greece.

Along with Prince William, the Queen will present a unique image with her stepson in the front row. A couple that no one would have expected a few months ago. Diana's unloving father-in-law and son now represent the face of the British royal family: once again, fate continues to play tricks on the Windsors.

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Britain's Prince William and Queen Camilla during Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee on June 4, 2022.
Prince William and Queen Camilla during Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee in June 2022. © Agency / Bestimage