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15 Hollywood Stars Over 75 Who Are Still Filming: From Clint Eastwood To Harrison Ford, And From Jane Fonda To Sally Field

What do Harrison Ford, Jane Fonda, Al Pacino, Lily Tomlin, and Robert De Niro have in common? Hollywood movie legends continue to make the rounds regularly even though they are over 75 years old. Here are 15 A-list actors and actresses who don’t look like they’re going to retire.

Clint Eastwood

age : 92 years old

Notable films: Inspector Harry, for a fistful of dollars, is a million dollar baby

A staple figure in American cinema for nearly 70 years, Clint Eastwood gave up acting a few years ago to focus on his work as a director. The legendary Hollywood actor continues to star in his own films, as he did in his latest film, Cry Macho, which was released a year and a half ago.

Rita Moreno

age : 91 years old

Notable films: West Side Story, Singing in the Rain, Devil’s Garden

The “Academy Award Winning” actress turns 91 in 1962 for her role in it West Side Story She was the oldest of a quartet of legendary actresses to appear in comedies 80 for Brady. We also saw this recently in the new version of West Side StoryDirected by Steven Spielberg and TV series Princess power And Lopez vs. Lopez.

Rita Moreno

Getty Images via AFP

Rita Moreno

Michael Caine

age : 90 years old

Notable films: Hannah and her sisters Batman trilogy

Even if he’s slowed down his pace for a few years, Sir Michael Caine remains active on film sets. We saw it recently in Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s latest action movie, which was released at the start of the pandemic. He even came to film in Montreal in the fall of 2019, at Best sellersa movie in which he plays alongside actress Aubrey Plaza.

Dustin Hoffman

age : 85 years old

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Notable films: Tootsie, The Graduate, Rain Man

It has been rumored for a few months that Dustin Hoffman is about to announce his retirement from the game, on the eve of his 86th birthday. But in the latest news, an actor Tootsie He continues to shoot on occasion, as evidenced by the film Sam and Katewhich was released last November, in which he plays alongside Sissy Spacek.

Jane Fonda

age : 85 years old

Notable films: Barbarella, The Chinese Syndrome, The Lake House

Nothing seems to stop Jane Fonda. At the age of 85, the actress and activist continues to tour regularly and campaign for women’s rights, world peace, and the environment. Plus starring as Lily Tomlin in the Netflix series Grace and FrankieThe American cinema icon recently defended one of the lead roles of 80 for Bradya comedy in which four old friends travel to Houston to see their idol, Tom Brady, participate in the Super Bowl.

Anthony Hopkins

age : 85 years old

Notable films: The Silence of the Lambs remnants of Father’s Day

He may have already announced his retirement from the game a few years ago, and Anthony Hopkins is still shining bright on the big screen, at 85 years old. The British-American actor even won an Academy Award two years ago for his portrayal of a man with Alzheimer’s disease in the film. the father.

Anthony Hopkins

AFP photo archive

Anthony Hopkins

Lily Tomlin

age : 83 years old

Notable films: Nashville, The Late Show, Short Cuts

Like her friend Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin played octogenarian fanatic Tom Brady in the comedy 80 for BradyIt was released in theaters in early February. Tomlin and Fonda also co-star in the series Grace and Frankieand streaming on Netflix and comedy moving forwardIt is expected to be released in theaters this year.

Al Pacino

age : 82 years old

Notable films: The Godfather, Scarface, Serpico

Perhaps getting ready to celebrate his 83rd birthday (April 25), Al Pacino doesn’t seem about to drop out. After he played Aldo Gucci in the movie Gucci sagaactor Spiritual father Based on Scarface He is reportedly preparing to reprise the character of Vincent Hanna in the action movie sequel heatDirected by Michael Mann. The legendary actor also continues to tell his story on stage in a solo show that has been touring the world for a few years now.

Martin Sheen

age : 82 years old

Notable films: Apocalypse Now, Wall Street, The Departed

He plays, since 2014, one of the main roles of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. He also recently appeared on the show. Ramble onplayed by his son Charlie Sheen.

Harrison Ford

age : 80 years old

Notable films: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner

Who said 80-somethings can’t play heroes in movies? At 80, the indefatigable Harrison Ford has recently dusted off his whip and archaeologist hat to slip into the shoes of the iconic Indiana Jones character for the fifth (and final) time. While waiting for this new movie to be released, at the end of June, we can see Ford in the comedy Truth therapyon Apple TV+.

Harrison Ford

Getty Images via AFP

Harrison Ford

Robert De Niro

age : 79 years old

Notable films: Taxi driver, raging bull, sweetheart

actor taxi driver and the The free oneswho will celebrate her 80th birthday next August, will be making headlines zero days, a new series expected to hit Netflix later this year. We’ve also seen her recently in the movies Amsterdam (2022) and irish (2019).

Danny DeVito

age : 78 years old

Notable films: Wars of the Roses, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Casually, Danny DeVito will be celebrating his 79th birthday this November. In addition to preparing to return to the boards on Broadway this October, the actor will star alongside Chris Pine in the comedy-thriller Pullman.

Danny DeVito

John Rainsford /

Danny DeVito

Helen Mirren

age : 77 years old

Notable films: The Queen, Gosford Park, Excalibur

The great British actress has had roles in movies and TV series over the past few years and it doesn’t seem like she’s about to slow down. This year we will see her in three new movies, including the comedy Barbie and action movie X fast.

Helen Mirren

Nikki Nelson/Wynn

Helen Mirren

Diane Keaton

age : 77 years old

Notable films: The Godfather, Annie Hall, Manhattan

Former muse and Woody Allen’s favorite actress, Diane Keaton has over 70 shots to her credit since her film debut Nettle honeymoonin the 1970’s. After camping cool ’70s in Booms: The Great Competition And Mac and RitaYou’ll soon find Jane Fonda and Mary Steenburgen in the film’s sequel Reading Club.

Sally Field

age : 76 years old

Notable films: Forrest Gump, Norma Ray, Lincoln

In addition to recently appearing in several episodes of the HBO series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers DynastySally Field gave the comedy counterpart to Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin 80 for Brady.