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Charles Lafortune announces excellent news

Charles Lafortune has just announced excellent news! In fact, the animator and producer reveals that he will be producing a sequel to Autism is now in age.

The title for this fourth season has yet to be revealed, but Charles Lafortune notes that he is looking for families awaiting an autism diagnosis.

We would like it to happen in the idea of ​​support and compassion. We, when it happened in our lives, felt lonely and I think that by doing so, we will make this family less lonely and give good advice. ‘, points to Mattis’ sympathetic father.

Pixcom also wants to reach out to adults who have a delayed diagnosis.

If you are interested in participating in this great project, you can contact Charles Lafortune directly at: [email protected].

Recall that the producer recently shared A beautiful picture of her sonproudly wears the jacket of the Véro & Louis Foundation, which aims to create durable, adaptive living environments for autistic people ages 21 and over.

Note that Charles Lafortune is also at the helm of a foundation with his wife Sophie Pregent to help people with autism, namely the Fondation Autiste & major.

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