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Saskia Thot announces bad news

Saskia Thot announces bad news

Saskia Tout had some really bad news to tell her subscribers about one of her projects.

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Late Monday, she revealed that she learned earlier in the day that The show you’ve been hosting for six years, Hassan Will not be back in the fall.

Who recently celebrated her fiftieth birthday did not hide her pain, but she promised to give everything in order to record her latest episodes.

This is what she had to say:

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“New part. I learned today that Bayan won’t be back in the fall. My throat clenched. I shed a few tears and clung on to Beauty Naturally. Thank you TVA for the trust of the last six years. I have a few more shows left to record and I’ll do it with my head held high, my heart swollen with gratitude and my mythical identity.” My fiftieth begins in front of a free path, ready to welcome new challenges. Communication has always been at the heart of my life and more than ever, I have to show, share and explore. I am confident, I am eternally positive and I know that what lies ahead will be amazing. I also have projects Exciting coming very soon Thank you for coming and your sweet words, she wrote.

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In the comments below her post, many viewers sent her lots of love and wished her the best for the future.

This is another show taking off on TVA, as we learned last monthH Mary ClawDre, emissione Marie Claude Barrettmail, will expire at the end of this season.

We can’t wait to hear about Saskia’s future projects!

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