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Here are the 20 new collaborators on La Semaine des 4 Julie!

Here are the 20 new collaborators on La Semaine des 4 Julie!

back Late night talk showAnd week 4 july Fast approaching and on Wednesday, During the 2021-2022 programming launch from newAnd Julie Snyder, who hosted the event, took the opportunity to talk about his program and all the upcoming changes. Among other things, SEVERAL will be joined by new collaborators in a revised program.

Week 4 Julie will still be full of fun, fun and freshness as before, but the host admitted that ” shuffle cards Regarding the concept of presentation. Suggestion from high-ranking officials in Novo.

What this will result in is a more current-orientated show, with more collaborators in the field and at the same time the Queen herself, Julie Snyder, will be doing more interviews.

The twenty new collaborators are: Jean Thomas JobinAnd Pinault cloudsAnd Antoine VizinaAnd tammy vergeAnd Maker WarriorAnd Catherine PeachesAnd Chloe DibloisAnd Marie Yves LevesqueAnd Julie St. PierreAnd Marianne Saint GilliesAnd Emile BellodoAnd Lawrence NiribonAnd Melissa BedardAnd Claudette DionAnd David LantinAnd Marie Solly DionAnd selfie turinAnd, Farah Alipay |And Rita Baja |And Sarah Maud BuchisonAnd Fabrice VilleAnd Lysander Nadeau And Marcus Villeneuve.

The new season of week 4 july Starts on Monday 13th September!

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Psst: Speaking of Marcus Villeneuve, the famous hairstylist to the stars, will launch his first web series on From next November! Yes, since last April, the cameras have been following him throughout his professional and personal life! We can’t wait to see it!

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