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YouTube videos will automatically display in picture-in-picture if you switch tabs

YouTube videos will automatically display in picture-in-picture if you switch tabs

Google is planning to integrate a new option to modify the behavior of videos played in the browser. You’ll soon be able to set Chrome to automatically display videos in picture-in-picture mode when you switch between tabs.

Chrome is about to integrate a particularly practical new feature. Google’s web browser will soon let you automatically display videos from YouTube (and other platforms) in a remote window, if you’re browsing in another browser tab. A very practical function because it allows you to continue watching the video at the same time as you move to another page. Ideal if you follow, for example, a tutorial and process at the same time. This automatic picture-in-picture display will be integrated into versions of Chrome on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.

Videos always appear on screen thanks to the automatic PiP feature

This new feature, which was spotted by WindowsLatest in Chromium’s bug management tool, will be similar to the one currently being tested in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge.

The option, which will not be enabled by default in the browser, will be integrated into the section dedicated to site settings. It can therefore be accessed by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings. However, it is not finished yet. according to Comments It has been posted online by the developers, and they are currently working on how to integrate the picture-in-picture licensing module into the browser’s settings interface.

For several months, Google has been increasing its initiatives to improve Chrome’s functionality, but also to enhance its security. At the beginning of August, it announced its intention to provide weekly security updates to ensure optimal security for users. More recently, as Google celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the launch of its web browser, the Californian company indicated that it had improved the Safe Browsing module in Google. From now on, it is possible to check the dangerousness of websites and files opened in the browser in real time. Previously, this security system would simply perform these checks using a specific list stored locally on the device, only every 30 to 60 minutes. Mountain View also took the opportunity to officially unveil the new Chrome interface. The dissemination of this new interface, which should occur gradually among users, will lead to the opening of the graphical icons of Material You.

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