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You will have less difficulty finding the lost email

You will have less difficulty finding the lost email

On Android, the Gmail app hosts a more refined filtering system. It is actually based on the web version, which it has been qualifying for for some time now.

Gmail on Android: You'll Have Less Difficulty Finding Your Lost Email

Gmail In the web version, I’ve been able to precisely filter email searches for several years now. To do this, Google has made available several options to be completed before or after the keyword search, as desired.

For example, it is possible to indicate the recipient or recipient, the date, if the email has an attachment, the size of the attached attachment, a specific term. In short, a very practical tool to save you time in finding a flooded email in your inbox.

The app joins the fun

Except that until then, this advanced system was limited to the web version of the mail service. Android app is quarantined. So Mountain View decided to fill that gap in order to benefit in turn.


Source: Google

In idea, the process will be exactly the same: several filter options will appear under the search bar after entering a keyword, for example. This Google blog post illustrates this with an image (above).

On our smartphones by the end of October

These new possibilities will arrive by default in the Gmail app: just download an update to savor it. The California giant specifies that the rollout of the update, which began on September 20, will continue through the end of October 2021.

In other words, everyone will be able to access these finer filters in just over a month, to reduce the hassle on your smartphone of finding a missing email in one of your stickers.