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Intel explains why TSMC is outsourced to Taiwanese

Intel explains why TSMC is outsourced to Taiwanese

« First we had to determine the production capacity [du procédé de gravure], which can be estimated at the beginning of the design, and Intel’s advanced process has not yet had enough capacity Explain Raja Kodori in particular. ” Other characteristics, such as the operating frequency that can be used, are also important factors, and cost is also an issue. These three elements i.e. synonymous with cost capacity and performance are taken into consideration when deciding which method to use. »

In the case of ARC Alchemist chips, the N6 etching process for TSMC at 6 nm was chosen. An Intel engineer explains that this process fits perfectly with Alchemist products. It must be said that with TSMC, Intel will take advantage of 6nm rather than limiting its future GPUs to its 10nm pattern. Good news to compete more effectively with screen cards
Produced by NVIDIA and AMD.

Tom’s devices He also notes that by choosing TSMC (which also burns AMD chips, among other things), Intel will take up space on the product lines of the Taiwanese founder, who, with a domino effect, should partly encroach on the production capabilities offered to the competition. A way to kill two birds with one stone.

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