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You should be concerned about Justin Barron's NHL future

You should be concerned about Justin Barron's NHL future

Justin Barron had a regular season.

So normal.

The defenseman played 48 games in the Canadian uniform, but also had to make a trip to the MLS to hone his skills. Game. However, the more things progress, the more we wonder if Barron has what it takes to prove himself as a useful player for a National League team.

The right-hander has great offensive qualities… but that pretty much ends there.

He has a good first pass and can make an impact when he is confident and decides to attack. This is the element of his game that has allowed him to achieve success in the junior category.

But the problem is that Barron doesn't excel at anything…and that's what encourages Anthony Marcotte (BBM Sports) To ask questions about the key person involved:

I have a hard time seeing him long-term in the National League because he's good everywhere, but he's not great anywhere either.

Is he a National League player or an American League player who is on the bubble between the two levels? -Anthony Marcotte

The Canadiens are full of good young defensemen, but what helps Barron is the fact that he shoots from the right.

After all, there isn't enormously Depth is on the right of the blue line alongside David Reinbacher and Logan Maillox.

However, Justin Barron needs to have a big summer so he can come into the next training camp with confidence.

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He must improve his defensive game (must work on it) and he must prove to the organization that he has his place in it Big boysThis has not happened since his arrival in Montreal.

But overall, the observation right now isn't too complicated: We have to worry about his future in the NHL if he's not able to improve (significantly).

At least he's still young, twenty-two years old.

a lot of

– I agree.

-It sure helps!

– What will it look like? Philly?

– PK Subban asks the right questions.