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Winners from Saint-Lambert-de-Luzon at the 27th edition of Maison Tanguay

Winners from Saint-Lambert-de-Luzon at the 27th edition of Maison Tanguay

A woman from Saint-Lambert de Luzon, in the Chaudière Appalachia, was thrilled after winning her 27th race.H House of Tanguay. She learned the news with her partner on Sunday morning during the grand prize drawing.

As soon as his name rang out in the reception room at Le Bonne Entente, France Bertrand and her partner Steve Lagou exploded with joy. They are the lucky ones chosen from among the 15 finalists of the grand annual competition, who have gathered for the occasion.

“It’s absolutely unreal,” says the new Maurice Tanguay Foundation winner. It’s so emotional, I can’t find the words to express how happy we are! »

The hair salon owner said her plans for the day were completely disrupted by the big news.

“I was planning to go home to do some laundry, but I guess we might change plans after all,” she joked.

For the case

France Bertrand is clearly happy to have won the bid, but stresses that this was far from the target when she bought raffle tickets in recent months.

“For us, it is very important to encourage this cause. I have been systematically buying tickets for many years. It was a customer of the fair, the ambassador of the Maurice Tanguay Foundation, who sold them to us, as she does every year. »

When asked what they would choose between a $985,000 home in the location of their choice or $750,000 cash, the couple said they would take as much time as necessary to make an informed decision.

“We will take the time for the dust to settle and we will think about all of this with a clear mind. “No matter what we end up choosing, it is an amazing opportunity and we simply cannot believe we have won,” continues Steve Lago.

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A series of records

For the third year in a row, the sale of participation tickets by the Maurice Tanguay Foundation and its ambassadors reached a new peak, with US$3,751,470 raised in 2023.

This significant amount will be used to implement projects that impact young people, provide respite to parents, specialized care for children, purchase appropriate equipment or support organizations or schools targeting clients with special needs.

The Foundation’s General Director, Olivier Tanguay, believes that continuing to collect donations is crucial, because the needs for this type of service are increasing from year to year.

“I am amazed to see people’s generosity,” he concludes. We are going through a very difficult period economically with inflation and rising costs of living. It’s touching to see that so many people still find ways to share and give despite everything. »