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Windows 11 23H2, list of all new features

Windows 11 23H2, list of all new features

In a few weeks, Microsoft plans to release a new Windows 11 feature update, 23H2. The company does not specify a specific date but it is likely that the date will be set before the end of October 2023.

According to Microsoft, this new feature update will install quickly on devices running Windows 11 22H2. However, the process will take longer for computers that are still running the first version of the operating system. The latter is scheduled to retire soon. Affected computers will then be automatically migrated to 22H2.

Regarding Windows 11 23H2, many new features and improvements are planned. It’s important to note that Redmond may decide to shake things up before the launch date if last-minute issues arise.

Windows 11 23H2, three big new features

One of the most notable developments will be the arrival of Copilot, an artificial intelligence assistant. The idea is to make the operating system more user-friendly and smarter. You shouldn’t expect miracles right away. Interactions will be limited to some commands such as requesting to take a screenshot or toggling dark mode. However, the system should improve and enrich over time.

Windows 11 will be enriched with a new backup application. It should make it easier to include new content on OneDrive. This will relate to specific folders, settings, and customizations. Be careful, this is not a tool that can stand up to a custom utility. For example, it is not possible to back up entire drives or support a custom set of folders.

The File Explorer interface will evolve with the title and toolbar repositioned to provide an environment closer to that of a web browser. The Gallery module will handle photographs in a similar way to the Photos app’s timeline mode. The Info pane will display a larger thumbnail and a new sharing option.

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Smaller new features and improvements

These new features will also add support for new compression formats other than ZIP. This includes RAR, 7Z, or even GZ.

The volume mixer should provide volume control for each application. The Unlink option on the taskbar should return. This separation between different instances of the same application will facilitate immediate access to each of them.

The settings will be enriched with a personalized home page. It will provide certain settings and customization options.

Hovering over recently used files in the Start menu will display a thumbnail and the file path. System apps will have a “System” sign next to them.

Finally, Paint will support dark mode and Cortana will no longer exist.

Windows 11 23H2 will come as an “Activation Pack.” This solution is well-known because it has already been used several times in Windows 10. Jason Lesnick, a Microsoft employee, Certain Windows 11 23H2 will be introduced in the last quarter of this year. Administrators can then spread it across different distribution channels. We can cite the Windows Server Update, Windows Update for Business or Windows Autopatch services.

From our end (the consumer), the update will be deployed through the Windows Update service. It may be offered in the first phase on an optional basis. In this case, it will not be downloaded and installed automatically. You will have to manually intervene in Windows Update.