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Windows 10 and 11 get the indispensable macOS feature thanks to Power Toys

Windows 10 and 11 get the indispensable macOS feature thanks to Power Toys

Power Toys Utilities Suite for Windows 10 and 11 includes two new tools that will prove indispensable to productivity enthusiasts.

Credit: PowerWiz

Do we still have to submit gymnastics, these tools provided by Microsoft since Windows 95, which add new functionality to the operating system? These widgets, often accessed via a keyboard shortcut or through a right-click, allow you to manage the layout of your programs with FancyZones, to quickly resize image files with Image Resizer or even sample the color on your screen with the Color Picker.

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The program has been enriched with two new tools that make it a must-have for workaholics as well as for all users who have to process a lot of images on a daily basis. Boundless mouse Intended for Windows 10/11 users with two computersUsing the same mouse and keyboard between two Windows computers. Even better, the clipboard as well as the drag-and-drop functionality will be common to both devices, provided they are on the same local network.

Windows 10 and 11 gain two big productivity advantages

On the other hand, Peek is loosely inspired by Preview feature Available for ages on macOS, where it matters not just the name, but also the keyboard shortcut. Oddly enough, if you do not have Power Toys installed on your computer, it is very tedious to view a photo or picture without opening it in a dedicated application, Paint, for example. Peek from Power Toys makes it easy to preview an image file By pressing Ctrl + Space.

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As we can see, with these two new tools, The focus is on speed, efficiency and productivity. Aspects that will be further enhanced by the many new features that should soon land in the operating system of the Redmond company. The OS news is already plentiful. We are talking specifically about the integration of artificial intelligence through Copilot for Windowsthe access of a large number of Android applications, or the ability to extract the content of RAR files locally.