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Will humans become immortal soon thanks to this naked mole rat?

Will humans become immortal soon thanks to this naked mole rat?

According to researchers, there is another way besides the fountain of youth to become immortal. But the solution lies in the inheritance of the naked mole rat.

Researchers have just uncovered the mystery behind this species’ longevity. It was recently discovered that the gene of this small rodent consists of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, an abundance of HMW-HA in other words. By transferring this gene to mice, the researchers succeeded in doing so Increase the life expectancy of guinea pigs. Let’s hope that the experiment will be beneficial to man and that man will soon become immortal thanks to this naked mole rat.

The anti-aging secret of the naked mole rat

For more than twenty years, researchers have sought to discover the secret of the biological mechanism of naked mole rats. Their previous research showed what is called early contact inhibition. Related Anticancer mechanism represented by abundant efflux of HMW-HAwhose weight exceeds 6.1 megadaltons. For your information, this compound is generally found in anti-aging cosmetics.

However, HMW-Ha from naked mole rats possesses remarkable regenerative properties and cell protective properties. Compared to humans and mice, Rodent hyaluronan gene expression is considerably high.

The first experiment was on mice before the results were applied to humans

The involved tissues show decreased hyaluronidase activity. This means the enzymes responsible for Decay of long chains of HMW-HA. Therefore, naked mole rat tissues have approximately a 10-fold higher concentration of HMW-HA than observed in humans and mice.

The scientists then set out to determine whether the benefits observed in naked mole rats could be applied to mice by introducing the mole rat’s own version of HAS2. “Our study demonstrates the concept of this,” explains Vera Gorbunova Unique mechanisms of longevity That have evolved in long-lived mammalian species can be transferred to improve the lifespan of other mammals.

Will humans soon become immortal thanks to this anti-cancer protection?

The researchers genetically modified mice to express the naked mole mouse HAS2 (nmr HAS2) gene. They used a CAG promoter, which induces strong gene expression, to boost gene expression. Therefore, because HMW-HA accumulation in naked mole rats only begins after birth, we had to temporarily upregulate the expression of nmr HAS2. After transportation.

The analysis showed that mice that expressed NMR HAS2 were able to enjoy better protection against spontaneous tumors. But also against skin cancer that had to be stimulated chemically. In addition, they offered a Better overall health and longer life. This compared to the control groups of normal mice, with a significant increase of 4.4%. This health benefit appears to arise from reduced inflammation, which may be via a direct immune effect, as well as improved intestinal barrier function.

These results are confirmed by the fact that mice It provided fewer functional alterations normally associated with the aging process. These benefits include reducing inflammation in different types of tissues. But also increasing the integrity of the intestinal barrier and the healthy composition of the gut microbiota. Accumulation of HMW-HA also had the effect of attenuating abnormal immune responses at the tissue level.

There are only a few years left before humans become immortal

However, according to Vera Gorbunova, it took 10 years from the discovery of HMW-HA in the naked mole rat until its beneficial effect on the health of mice was proven. The next step in the experiment is Apply these results to humans “, she added.

As such, we have a choice between two strategies. One: slow down the degradation of HMW-HA or improve its synthesis. Gorbunova and her team have already done it Identified potential promising compounds for the first strategy. These are currently undergoing preclinical trials. So we can expect humans to become immortal within a few years.

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