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Why do we gain weight in winter?  Aside from changes in diet, another explanation emerges

Why do we gain weight in winter? Aside from changes in diet, another explanation emerges

In winter, comfort dishes are often (very) high in calories. Added to this is the tendency to stay immersed in the couch instead of exercising. The result: weight gain is almost inevitable! But are there other reasons for this excess weight?

Raclette evenings, snacks by the fire, pies… During the winter, there is no shortage of opportunities to warm our bodies, stimulate our taste buds, and lift our spirits that are sometimes at half mast. Caloric intake quickly exceeds energy expenditure. In addition, fats and sugars are often more present in our plates than fruits and vegetables, which we did not deprive ourselves of this summer.

But there is also a biological reason behind low winter weight. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Alberta (USA), in summer, natural light prevents our cells (adipocytes) from storing lipids (fat).

How do we explain that? “When the wavelengths of sunlight penetrate the skin and reach the fat cells, fat droplets are released from the cell,” and are thus released from the body, explains Professor Peter Light, lead author. In winter, the slightest exposure to sunlight, or even avoiding it, prevents this mechanism: our bodies will thus preserve all the fat cells and the fats they contain.

Good fats and good sugars

To combat small bouts of winter blues, chocolate bars and other sweets, although comforting, are harmful and it shows on a large scale. It is therefore recommended to vary pleasures with:

  • Good fatsThat is, essential fatty acids or omega-3 are known to ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system, in particular. They contribute to improving mood by maintaining exchanges between serotonin and neurons. It is found in fatty fish (sardines, salmon, mackerel, etc.), linseed oil, etc.
  • Good sugarsThat is, fructose and glucose instead of sucrose (white sugar). So eat fruit, honey, linseed, pumpkin or raisin bread instead of artificial cakes and other sweets. It has actually been proven that white sugar will boost your brain when you eat, while it turns into fat. This peak would then fall back down just as quickly, exacerbating depression among vulnerable people.
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