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Grizzlies.  Le Couderc, a space for meetings and co-living

Grizzlies. Le Couderc, a space for meetings and co-living

For seven months, from April to November, the Grézeloise Le Couderc association gathered residents of the city (but also the surrounding area) on Friday evenings at the local village hall. An average of about sixty people (out of a total population of 230) enjoyed meeting regularly for a drink or a snack.

Moreover, the name Couderc was not chosen by chance; In Occitan, a communal and communal space is set aside, a place where people come together. The square in front of the church is also called Place du Couderc.

This association was created in 2021, and immediately achieved great success; A collaborative café, with a very international feel. Its co-chair Serge Liverjuis (retired high school principal and deputy mayor) specifies that half the participants are made up of foreigners, mostly British and Dutch (which reflects the local population).

The cafe’s profits allow it to organize musical evenings every month (six in total in 2023). The annual closing evening, October 27, was celebrated with dignity: Couderc served all its members onion soup, while they brought sweets and cheeses to share. The office consists of co-chair Melanie Fournier, secretary Karen Perez, treasurer Bernard Fournier and assistant Christine Muthes, all of whom were honored at the end of the evening.

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