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Attacked and harassed by a bear, he is rescued by helicopter in Alaska

Attacked and harassed by a bear, he is rescued by helicopter in Alaska

The latter said in a statement that a bear was attacked, then harassed at his camp, and rescued by an Alaskan Coast Guard helicopter.

The US Coast Guard said that during their voyage between Kotzebue and Nome, two towns in west-central Alaska, the crew “noted a distress sign above a shed” at the miners’ camp on Friday, before a man waved to them on board. Land.

“The crew then landed and called the person who needed medical attention after being attacked by a bear a few days ago,” they said. The person injured in the leg and torso was flown by helicopter to Nome for treatment.

According to the latter, the bear that attacked him returned to the camp and was pestering him every night for a whole week.

His friends pointed out his absence after he had not gone back to sleep on the appointed day.

Alaska, the US state crossed by the Arctic Circle, is home to black, polar and brown bears, including the Kodiak bear, considered one of the largest bears in the world.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website, it is “not uncommon” for locals or visitors to “see bears, and they are usually a good distance away.”

But even if you don’t see them, “you won’t be far from one of them: Alaska is bear country,” local officials warn.

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