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When the French guards prevented Lavrinier...

When the French guards prevented Lavrinier…

Incredible but true: Alexis Lafrenière was banned from answering questions in French by New York Rangers.

While preparing a dossier on the promising Quebec striker, Journal de Montreal journalist Jean-François Chaumont witnessed an unfortunate episode when he traveled to New York as part of his journalistic approach.

The Rangers didn’t offer him a private interview with No. 13, but luck smiled at Chaumont, who was in the stands for a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden on March 25. Lavrinier scored the first goal of the match with his team’s 5-1 victory and thus became available to the media after that.

Out of politeness, Jean-François Chaumont left the local journalists the honor of asking their questions and then addressing Lavrinière in the language of Molière.

Then Ryan Nissan, Rangers’ public relations officer, asked Alexis to respond in English, The writer said on radio waves 91.9 Sports. I’m convinced this is a joke, that he’s cheating, and that he’s not serious. Alexis looked at me and said in French, “What do I do?” Tell him I don’t understand what’s going on either. He can answer in English if he wants. But the situation made him uncomfortable, and his response in English was not great.”

The publicity request was so bizarre and bizarre that it raised eyebrows in distinguished New York Post reporter Larry Brooks.

“He came to see me and said: J.-F., I can’t believe it. I’m sorry. What he did is wrong.”

The next day, the Rangers trained in Tarrytown. Jean-Francois Chaumont and Rangers’ publicist were able to discuss. I apologise.

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It appears that Ryan Nissan has clumsily tried to accommodate New York Foundation Managing Director Chris Drury.

“There is even a former Rangers publicity clerk, John Rusasco, who has called me since he learned of the incident from a colleague in New York, mentioned Jean-François Chaumont. I was amazed at this reaction,” he told me. It is the work of a public relations officer who has little experience, But it’s also the work of the CEO, Chris Drury, who wants to control all the leads. When conferences take place at MSG, they can record everything, and the General Manager can listen to them again. But as I said to publicity, we’re in 2022. If Chris Drury wants to get On an answer from Alexis Lafrenière translated, it will be translated.